6 Reasons Why Employee Engagement Is Important

It is well known that people who are Engaged at work tend to do better at work. This is nice to know, but in what ways are they better?

According to the State of American Workplace Report, if a company is in the upper quartile of Engagement, they can see the benefits in the following areas:

1. 20% Higher Sales

Let's think about this for a moment, why would a company have Higher Sales because of higher engagement?

When an employee is engaged, they become an Ambassador for your company. It is human nature to want to share a great experience with the world, which means they will share their experience with your brand more if they are engaged.  

Along with sharing your company, engaged employees will also perform better in their roles, which will bring better customer service for repeat orders, more efficient work to have a larger amount of sales per employee possible, and be present to get the work done, all which will be covered in the next few reasons.

2. 21% Higher Profitability

Let's think about this for a moment, why would a company have Higher Profitability because of higher engagement?

When an employee is more engaged, they are more focused on the work they are doing, which causes less problems or defects in the workplace. This efficiency brings better margins to your company.

Also, as an engaged employee, they will want to do what is best for the company by being a good financial steward, productive worker, and getting other people on board as well to make things better. More efforts to make your products or services better brings more profitability.

3. 17% Higher Productivity

Let's think about this for a moment, why would a company have Higher Productivity because of higher engagement?

One reason for higher engagement is an employee seeing the value in what they are doing. This is a powerful tool to motivate someone to do more and get more things done if it is for a bigger purpose than themselves. It takes away all of the hesitation on if they are doing the right thing, which causes delay in productivity.

As an engaged person, you typically see more success in what you are doing at work by being totally committed to it. It is a natural feeling to want to create more of this success making the employee more productive in this way as well.

4. 10% Higher Customer Metric Scores

Let's think about this for a moment, why would a company have Higher Customer Metric Scores because of higher engagement?

Have you ever interacted with a company where you could tell that their employees genuinely loved what they did and who they worked for? They typically have the best customer service because they want you to love the experience as much as they do. This causes engaged employees to want to do the right thing with customers every time.

THEIR PASSION IS INFECTIOUS! If harnessed right, these engaged employees can provide the best customer service in your industry wanting to make the customers come back over and over.

5. 41% Lower Absenteeism

Let's think about this for a moment, why would a company have lower absenteeism because of higher engagement?

When an employee is disengaged, do they really want to be there? Typically not. It is just a job for a paycheck so that they can do the other things they like to do. With engaged employees, they are committed to making your company better and want to be there through it all to see this improvement come true.

Not only are engaged employees more physically present, they are more mentally present too. Instead of talking about the next vacation they will be having, conversation is about how to make things at work better.

6. 24% Lower Turnover (B2C) and 59% Lower Turnover (B2B)

Let's think about this for a moment, why would a company have lower turnover because of higher engagement?

A common thought of the disengaged employee is, "Where is the next best Opportunity?" This type of person is always looking for the next stop on their professional journey for many reasons. An engaged employee could not think of anywhere else they would rather be than the situation they are in at the moment. 

Once you get more engaged employees, your turnover rate naturally goes down because people genuinely want to stay. A low turnover rate shows a general level of engagement for your team in general. It shows they are committed to the reasons why they are with the company and have good sentiment about the team that they want to continue to cultivate.


Realize These Benefits By Increasing Your Engagement!

As you can see, engagement drives key performance indicators (KPI's) for your company. It is worth the effort to spend on engagement initiatives to see how well you are doing as a company, find ways to get better, and implementing engagement solutions for long lasting improvements to your workplace culture.

For more information on how SpiceUp helps with this, reach out to our team for a demo of our Engagement Solution with the help of Pepper the Robot.