6 Trends You Should Know About Employee Engagement

Just like with many other solutions and industries, there are some innovative trends in Employee Engagement. These 6 trends are some things that you can try in your organization that has been successful in others:


6 Trends You Should Know For Employee Engagement

Trend #1 - Experimenting with the work week structure: 4 Day work week and less required time per day

One innovative solution for employee engagement has been to experiment with the work week structure. A firm in New Zealand has implemented a 4 day work week to see if it would increase work-life balance and overall productivity in their company. It has worked so far.

According to the NY Times, the firm increased their work-life balance score by 24% and their employees were more creative after implementing the structure.

It was found that spending less time working allows people to de-stress more often, which is a key driver of creativity.

Another experiment with the work week structure is to reduce the workday time to 6 hours a day. This would bring the work-week to a 30 hour week instead of 40 hours.

According to the same NY Times article, Sweeden found their employees were as productive or more in 6hrs as they were 8hrs.

Both of these experiments have a common thought in mind: you can get the same amount of work done in less time if you are using your time more wisely. As leaders, you can not only enact innovative solutions to Employee Engagement like this, but you can also mandate other practices to make a shorter work-week possible.

Trend #2 - Focus on “Career Pathing” to give people a clear path to grow within your organization

Having a clear career path in a company is one of the key drivers of Employee Engagement. It is not enough now to give employees tools to think up their own career path. Instead, companies now are looking at Employee’s Trajectory within their organization to work on identifying the right path for success of the employee and the company. This is called “Career Pathing”

Some things that impact Career Pathing is having learning opportunities available for professional development, putting in structures for employees to have support with their career aspirations, and a strategy on what paths employees can go down.

This is not a new concept in itself, there is just much more emphasis on Career Pathing for retaining employees.

Trend #3 - Focusing on Work Life Balance by enhancing the workplace experience and flexibility

The days of only working at the office are over. With all of the technology at our fingertips now this has become more obsolete and it is evolving how we view work life balance. There are pros and cons that come with not only working at the office.

Pro: You are able to work from almost anywhere that has a wifi connection.

Con: It is hard to shut off in the digital world.

The companies that are able to strike that perfect flexibility of letting people work wherever and whenever they want, but at the same time having the structure in place to make sure things are getting done are able to retain more employees. Giving the Employees the decision on where to work can help with work life balance.

Not only is flexibility important, but now the workplace experience is important. Having a fun environment with food and games when the Employees are in the office is starting to impact Employee Engagement as well.

Again, this trend is not a new concept, but it is something that employees are starting to set standards for. Do you want to work somewhere that doesn’t make you happy? Neither does your team!

Trend #4 - Offering Self Managed/ Unlimited PTO to your team to let them decide what balance is to them

To go along with the flexibility of working environment, Employees also want to be able to take off time when they want and not have to care about running out of days.

Based on a study done by Kronos, Employee Engagement rose 3% and turnover decreased 1% when implementing an unlimited PTO plan.

Just the fact of knowing you can take off time when you need to instead of being worried about how much time you have has a benefit on overall engagement. Ironically, in some places, employees take less PTO and are more satisfied by having the option.

Unlimited PTO is becoming more and more prevalent in the workplace, why don’t you test it out with your team too!

Trend #5 - Making sure to give Employees the right tools to succeed in their roles

Investing in the work your team is doing is an important way to keep them happy and engaged with your company. Getting employees the right tools to succeed has to do with making their lives easier when it comes to their day to day jobs.

To figure out if you have the right amount of tools in place, ask yourself these questions:

  • Instead of having an extremely manual process, is there any tools that could help them?

  • Instead of just having email available to communicate, is there a collaboration tool they could use?

  • Instead of having to recreate items each time, is there a way to hold onto your best materials that employees could replicate?

There are many tools that could make your teams life easier that will make it a little more appealing to come into work every day. Take the time to find ones your team wants you to invest in.

Trend #6 - Getting continuous feedback from your team to make decisions instead of depending on the Annual Survey

There is now no need to only rely on end of year feedback for your employees and from your employees. This just leads to potential problems like expectations not being correct throughout the year, being blindsided by a bad review, not hearing about problems until the end of the year, and other old thinking problems.

Now it is time to use a tool for continuous feedback for both the employee to give and receive feedback in real time!

Using a tool like SpiceUp, you can interact with your team on a regular basis, finding out what their challenges are throughout the year to iteratively make the employee experience better. With SpiceUp, we take it a step further and let Pepper work with your team to find out how to make their employee experience even better.

With continuously getting feedback, you open the doors to:

  • Release changes to your team mid-year

  • Track how your team likes a new change in real time

  • Compile behavioral data and capture trends of how people are feeling throughout the year

  • Identifying the ebbs and flows of engagement and motivation throughout the year to have better information for capacity planning

For more information on how SpiceUp can help you continuously improve your employee engagement, reach out to our team for a demo!

Bringing It All Together:

There you have it, 6 trends to experiment within your organization. Don’t stop your research there! Check out this resource if you want more ideas on how to improve employee engagement.

Go Forth and Grow Happiness, My Friend!

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