5 Best Ways To Find Out If Your Employees Are Engaged

It is time to start your Engagement Journey to realize all of the benefits we have outlined in our previous post. The first thing to do on this journey is to know if how engaged your employees are in the first place.

Engagement Identification is the responsibility of everyone on your team to determine the level of engagement in the workplace, or at minimum be aware of the overall level. All team members can impact it.

Having a strategy to figure out if employees are engaged is key to find this out, which leads to the question:

How do I set up a strategy to see how engaged my team is?

Here are 5 ways you can use to find out if your Employees are engaged:

1. Look at your Employees Output


How well is your team producing sales, products, services, or other key actions for your business?

If you are trending down there is a chance that your employees are not as engaged as they were with the growth period. Why? People are much more engaged when things are going well, or even perceived as going well.

Your output, how long it is taking them and the quality of the work can be a big indicator of whether or not they are engaged with what they are doing. If the team is cranking out work, there's a good chance they are engaged. If not, then it is one sign that you may need to work harder on your engagement journey.

Who do you find out is Engaged? Your Whole Organization!


Level of Effort & Accuracy of identifying engagement level

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2. Reflect on your Team: Has There Been High Employee Turnover?


If people are leaving at a massive rate, engagement could be the cause identified to be initiating resignations. When people do not feel valued or what they are doing is what they are supposed to be doing, they are disengaged and ultimately looking for a new home.

Having a high employee turnover could also indicate to your current team something is wrong and it could be influencing the engagement level of your other employees as well depending on how you handle the situation. 

Who do you find out is Engaged? Your Whole organization!


Level of Effort & Accuracy of identifying engagement level

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3. Ask your Employees in a Survey


Normally, gathering feedback on how engaged employees are is done in an employee satisfaction survey once a year. It can be done with different platforms, but is typically one static survey that is the same for each person in the organization.

Leadership then takes this information to find things to help improve their organization in the new year. 

With this technique, you can ask directed engagement related questions to receive answers. It can be answered anonymously or not depending on what types of questions are asked. 

Who do you find out is Engaged? Either individuals or your organization, depending on the type of survey used.

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Level of Effort & Accuracy of identifying engagement level

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4. Ask your Employees in Person


Having regular dialogue sessions is a healthy practice to have in the workplace. It is important to encourage employees to be honest with you so that you can best help them become more engaged if it is the right thing to do.

If you are trying to figure out your level of engagement, why not ask the source itself? It's because of the time and effort needed to connect with your whole team. For those with smaller teams, this may be feasible, but 10s or 100s of direct reports does not.

Who do you find out is Engaged? Individuals on your team!


Level of Effort & Accuracy of identifying engagement level

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5. Get help from Technology


Using technology, your team is able to ask questions more consistently and meet employees where they are at. Using a technology with Artificial Intelligence, there is also a layer of personalization that a team can use when interacting with an employee on a regular occasion.

There are many different types of things you can get feedback on, as well as deriving trends from the data you are consistently gathering. All of this can be located in one place to help you identify key areas to work on with individuals and your team.

With SpiceUp, not only are you getting employee input, you also get behavioral details to back it up. This makes the data more credible and useful. Decisions can be made with this information!

For more information on the SpiceUp solution offering sign up for a demo here.

Who do you find out is Engaged? summarized information about your whole team and specific individual information.

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Level of Effort & Accuracy of identifying engagement level

Low Effort - High Accuracy.png

At the end of the day, each team has a decision to make on how they would like to identify the level of engagement within their organization. The more data you capture, the better chance you have for identifying the true engagement level for your organization.

Then, you can make the best decision to make your engagement on your team even better!

Happy Engagement Identifying!


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