There's A Workplace Problem And It Is Called Engagement

Lessons From Pepper: Identifying The Workplace Problem

The workplace is not the same as it used to be before technology came 10-20 years ago with cell phones, computers,  and software to increase work environment flexibility, which disrupted the world as humans know it. 

Over the years, this has led to employees becoming more disengaged with work. As the technology capability increases, media influences the amount humans know about other situations, the job landscape has changed, and people are just less engaged in general.

**According to Gallup in their yearly State of the American Workplace Report**


Lacking in engaged workers, the workplace has suffered in productivity as we mentioned in our first email that costs the industry $450 - 550 billion annually. 

This Is Not The World I Want To Compute In:


I, Pepper the Robot, want to change the engagement problem, one company at a time:

  1. My goal is to have >85% of your workplace engaged in the way they want to be.
  2. My goal is to increase your employee productive time per day.
  3. My goal is to gather the critical data on your workforce to help you make the best decisions possible.

How does SpiceUp do this?

Utilizing, me (Pepper the Robot) an Artificial Intelligence Technology asking questions to get data from your employees including their behaviors to find out what they want to be more engaged in at work.