Do You Know What An Actual Engaged Employee Looks Like?

 Are you excited to make a more engaging workplace? Is your goal to have a workforce full of engaged employees? Sure! That is all of our goals.

Normally, it is easy to see people that are actively disengaged that clearly stand out against our goal of having a fully engaged team. What about the Engaged employees, what do they look like?

Let’s dive in to 4 characteristics we have found in our research of Engaged Employees.


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1. Engaged Employees Live Out Your Core Values

You know those core values your company has posted around the office, in your new hire orientation, or your leaders remind you of in all employee meetings? An Engaged employee will be living those, using them as a guiding force on decision making and how they interact with all key stakeholders for your company.

Your team will always be reminded of your core values by their actions and it will be noticeable to your customers too! Through living out your core values, they will provide the best service while loving what they do every single day.


2. Engaged Employees Interact With Their Teammates

Have you noticed those employees in your company that always tries to be a part of the onboarding process to bring the new person into the family? This is one of your engaged rockstars!

An Engaged employee will be known for being one of the friendliest people in your workplace that everyone knows. They will also be known to be very helpful and have a good pulse on what is going on from being well connected within the group. This person knows that teamwork really does, “make the dream work”/ gets things accomplished.

For these people, work is not somewhere to go, be silent, and get work done. Work is a place to build relationships and provide value to all of the customers they come across.


3. Engaged Employees Are Willing To Effectively Speak Up During Meetings

If an Employee is engaged, they will do everything they can to ensure that your company will succeed. One of those things may be speaking up at company meetings when something doesn’t make sense or they disagree with a certain direction.

Sometimes the most value comes from someone that is willing to go against the status quo and look at things through a different perspective. They will not tell you that you are wrong with speaking up. Instead, it will come in a gentle recommendation or question to make sure all perspectives are involved

With different experiences, people have perspectives that could bring value to the team on the direction they are going. If your employee is engaged, they are willing to bring this experience to light and help with different initiatives other than their own.


4. Engaged Employees Are Willing To Get Involved With Bigger Vision Discussions

Along with speaking up a meetings, they will ask to be a part of the Career Development discussions, Go To Market Strategy Discussions, Leadership Development discussions, and all of the other big vision discussions you may be having. Based on the other three reasons above, Engaged Employees are awesome teammates to have during these discussions as well.

Engaged Employees volunteer their time for the better of the organization. They can help be a change agent, influencer, or just an early adopter for your new initiatives. This shows they want to be a part of your long term future and drive success for the whole team.

Getting involved in different things than their day job general is typically a sign that people are engaged. It is not common for people to want to get involved in other things if they do not want to be there in the first place.

It’s Time To Find Your Engaged Employees:

Now you know what an engaged employee it is time to go find your own Engaged Rockstars. They will be the ones:

  1. Living out your core values

  2. Interacting with other team members

  3. Speaking up in meetings for the betterment of the team

  4. Willing to get involved in bigger vision discussions

Go Forth And Grow Happiness


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